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Lonestar Void, Deus Illumni Lonestar was born  July 13,1999 in Birmingham, Alabama. Deus Illumni Lonestar is an American Musician, Performance Artist, Thinker. 

Since his early years Lonestar has always gravitated towards music, playing instruments like The violin, piano, and trumpet. His interest were not soley in music however. Lonestar possessed a remarkable affinity towards the technological sciences like coding for example. a change in interest was all common place for him given his Autism and ADHD.


During their adolescence Lonestar began to gravitate more into hiphop after being exposed to soundcloud. Lonestar became inspired by the early careers of later legends such as XXXTENTACION, Playboi Carti , Lil Yachty , and many more. This age of the internet fully transformed Lonestar. He began to connect with like minded people who understood him, blossoming many friendships with artist such as $NOT, Ybn Nahmir, and Lil Tecca before fame.

Lonestar's life remained rather private though few internet vets in the underground community can say they are ogs. However late in year 2021 Lonestar's life began to surface creating a cult like following. His love for the robotic side of tech inspired his breakout song. "The Method" this song was in response to the internet wanting to live a life like Lonestar's.

The method triggered a chain reaction of discovery catapulting Lonestar into a flame birthing hits such as 2 AM, Devilman Crybaby feat $NOT, and Midnight In Moscow.

"I want each song to peel some of the story into vision, so just watch"

-Lonestar Void

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